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Inspired by the particular light of the SEINE valley,Patrick MARIE has been painting the Normandy landscapes for many years. He was born in 1951 near Paris and lives in the region of Rouen.
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Paul-Bordiss-Gallery details
Plenty of cows here , nosey ones ,moo-dy ones but all very lovable. art prints available.
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Randolf's Art Gallery - erotic paintings details
Dutch Artist Randolf Bruin is on the scene in China. Taking the female nude as his subject, Randolf experiments with oils and mixed media.
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Realistic Oil Paintings Gallery of Mikhailov Igor details
Landscape oil paintings by German born, Russian artist.
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We have reproduction paintings of Van Gogh, Manet, Vermeer, Monet, Gauguin and others that everyone can afford.
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View artworks by this internationally known contemporary figurative oil painter, biography, resume, and awards.
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Wholesale Oil Paintings From China chinese dafen details
Wholesale Oil Paintings from China reproduction old masterpiece.
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USA Wholesale Oil Painting Reproduction Frame.
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Yuri Martinez Cuban Art Gallery details
Figurative oil on canvas paintings depicting social commentaries about Cuban and American Society.
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