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Jane Heyes details
Original art for sale and commission by a contemporary painter using high quality materials.
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Keizo Hayashi details
Contemporary Japanse artist working with "Cho-Shi" art, meaning carved paper.
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Kumiko S. McKee details
Kumiko McKee is a Contemporary Japanese artist based in the USA and Japan. Paintings of meticulously rendered figures and intricate patterns, mixing Western and Japanese traditions.
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Luke Elwes details
Landscape painter exploring the nature of mans relationship with the world through depicting remote and empty regions.
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Martha Aitchison details
Contemporary artist using several mediums to create Buddhist inspired works of art.
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Maya Kulenovic details
Intense and contemplative, dark realist paintings about death, war and the fragility of culture by contemporary Canadian painter.
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Mevlut Akyildaz details
Contemporary figurative Turkish painter displaying a selection of humorous paintings and sculpture online.
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Michael Cook details
Original museum-quality landscape paintings in all media, and in a wide range of styles from contemporary realism, to surrealism, and lyrical abstraction--all with a poetic sensibility.
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Nick Andrew details
Contemporary landscape paintings in an impressionistic blurred manner.
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Orhan Taylan details
Turkish artist displaying a selection of contemporary figurative oil paintings online.
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