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Art Articles
These days getting tattoos as body art has become about as common as going to the hairdresser for some people. But although tattoos have become an ordinary procedure in today's society, it is important to understand the risks involved before you get started. Knowing the risks will help you to take the right precautions and protect yourself.
Obviously, getting a new tattoo design is exciting and novel and many people decide to get one on the spur of the moment, when in a new city or on holiday in an exotic country. Although this is fun and can seem like a great way to commemorate a special occasion, a tattoo should never be done on a whim [...]
When it comes to picking body art designs, there is an almost limitless variety to choose from and for people who don't already have an idea in mind, this job is not easy at all. Everyone wants something different and intricate to describe their personality, and in case you are not quite sure where to start from, here are a few body art designs most in demand these days that will help you a lot.
Celtic Tattoo Designs
Celtic design tattoos were and still are quite popular. The significance of each patterns and what it meant is what made this form of art so famous. The ancient Celts had various purposes associated to tattooing including ceremonies, ritual and marking individuals according to designation in the tribe [...]
The history of tattooing is as diverse as the body art designs that tattoo artists create. From tribal man to prison yard tats, read on to find out where the art of tattooing began and just what it means in different cultures and atmospheres.
Tribal Man
Ever since the dawn of man, the art of tattooing has been a part of our society. Once just a tribal symbol of days gone by, tribes such as the Atayal began tattooing their faces as a sign of their worthiness as warriors and women. The marks signified that the men were mighty protectors of their homeland and upon the female face it signified an ability to weave and keep house [...]
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